The origins of fencing in Terni are to be found over 500 years ago and are due to the villain and forefather of the swordsmen: Ludovico Aminale, one of the thirteen Italians of the famous challenge of Barletta in February 1503.

When, over three centuries later, the ‘Thousand’ laid down their arms, the Minister of War, General Riccotti, appointed the tibetan garibaldino, Augusto Mezzetti, Master of fencing. Mezzetti presented to the Mayor of Terni a proposal for the installation of a fencing school. The letter dated 31st July 1886 was countersigned by 4,000 citizens.

The first fencing school in Terni was born. The activity was followed by a special municipal supervisory commission. The school was closed on December 31, 1892, to reopen towards the twenties under the guidance of the Master of Arms Ferdinando Casoretti and for a long time the fencing activity was carried out thanks to the spontaneous enthusiasm of the athletes.

The first association was founded in 1938, its name was ‘Circolo Schermistico Ternano’ and was affiliated to the Italian Fencing Federation; the master was Giorgio Pessina, who taught in Terni until the middle of 1941. He was succeeded by Athos Perone for about a year, who then gave way to Dante Galante. After the war events, in 1946, at the request of Commissioner Waro Ascensions the circle was refounded and from 1947 the competitive activity was resumed.

The period between the ’50s and’ 60s was for the athletes of the club particularly favorable and the best satisfactions, came from the saber, the favorite weapon of the master Dante Galante. In 1958 the reins were taken in hand by Waro Ascensione who calls the Maestro Italo Mazzucchelli to run the school. Under the management of Ascensions, which lasted until 1981, rigorous financial management was carried out, allowing for an economic rescheduling and an increase in the number of students.

Since 1989 the guide of the circle has been entrusted to Paolo Meriziola, who calls Giulio Tomassini and then Filippo Romagnoli among the Masters first. The club attracts world-class athletes such as Valentina Vezzali and Margherita Grambassi. In 2010 the President of CONI, Hon. Gianni Petrucci, gave the Terni Fencing Club the ‘Golden Star of the National Olympic Committee for Sports Merit’. In 2013 Paolo Merizola left the chair of president to Alberto Tiberi who is currently in charge. Since 2015 Terni is a FIS ‘City Partner’ thanks to an agreement signed between the then mayor Di Girolamo and the President of the Federation Giorgio Scarso. This agreement, supervised and coordinated by the President Alberto Tiberi, has guaranteed to the historical company the constant organization of national and international events such as the European Master Championship and the National Cadet Test, always organized to perfection thanks also and above all to the contribution of the Cassa di Saving of Terni and Narni that has been constantly and effectively close to the company.