Alessio Foconi: “When I won the gold medal at the Wuxi World Championships, in China, in individual and team foil I thought about all the sacrifices I had made to get there and how much easier it would be to give up before the difficulties. I never did it, not even when I saw the others compete from the stand because I had been knocked out. In this sense my story is a bit ‘the story of each of you. Often those who do not arrive before give in. I, we never gave up and we always tried, race after race, to improve. I trained hard in a sport that luckily I love a lot. And today I’m world champion. I feel I deserved it because I believed in myself even in the most difficult moments. I know that in all of you there is the same determination. Thank you for the example you are able to give to the whole world. I wish you all the best for all of you “.

Elisa Vardaro: “Girls and boys, athletes and athletes, I know perfectly what it means to want with all my heart to be on the platform, give the best, overcome your limits, move with a medal around the neck listening to the national anthem. It is for these emotions that we live and struggle every day. To make ourselves proud, our technicians and our clubs, our families and our fans. Do not represent only the Paralympic movement, but all those who believe in passion, work and sacrifice. All those who believe that life does not end with a disability. And that diversity is a splendid wealth. Because sport, after all, does not allow differences“.